Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ordering the Bikes

After months of consideration we have finally ordered our bikes; we have gone for two Tonka Yellow Thorn Nomads with flat handle bars and Rohloff hubs.

We visited SJS Cycles in Bridgwater in October while we were doing our first multi-day tour from Sheffield down to Lynton for a friend's 40th birthday bash and were pretty much convinced then to go for these machines but thought it best to keep researching, look at other bikes and get some other opinions before parting with that much hard-earned cash.

So our research took us to the fantastic Keep Pedalling bike shop in Manchester to have a look at some Surly bikes and a ride round the canal. The owner was brilliantly knowledgeable and talked us through their selection of bikes, the different options available and told us about their after sales service (1 year's free labour on their bikes to get it all set up to where you want it to be).  So all told we left Manchester with some tough decisions to make.

After reading many a forum, blog, gear guide and handbook, and doing endless lists and spreadsheets we decided to spend the money on getting the Nomads with their Rohloff hubs.  I don't think (hopefully) there was a right or wrong decision between a Surly or a Thorn, both have done and will continue to travel vast distances without issue, both have their supporters and their critics, and over the next 3 years we'll get to know the bikes and we'll let you know how we get on.

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