Thursday, 19 February 2015

Unemployed and Homeless

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
We have now moved out of our house and quit our jobs; we are officially unemployed and homeless. I think that that must be most peoples worst nightmares being realised. However, we are about a week away from setting off on the first leg of our two year cycling adventure. Since our last little update so much has happened and we have been on rather a roll coaster ride of emotion. To begin with Sophie and I are engaged! It was all very sudden and unexpected for the both of us. That all happened on Christmas Day and since then we both  had our leaving parties from work, Bon Voyage Party with friends and family, and moved everything out of our shared house.

While we were all partying at the Bon Voyage get together we had the first play on Sophie's amazing leaving present from her work: a GoPro. So we thought we'd set it up and create a time lapse of the party. We are hoping that over the coming months we'll take lots of footage of the trip and we can keep folks updated with a few 'vodcasts' (we think that's what you call them) on YouTube, you'll have to watch this space because we're not quite there yet with that.

The last 2 weeks have been mainly concerned with packing up the house and a grand tour of the UK, visiting friends and family to say our goodbyes and making new friends courtesy of a very wonderful wedding. Packing up a house is extremely stressful and dull. It would have also been impossible without our amazing friends. You guys and gals were awesome!!!  We have now moved all those boxes and bags to their homes for the next couple of years.  There is still a few things to sort but we are certainly getting there.  The final big bit of the jigsaw is insurance, but I'll leave that bundle of fun for another post.


  1. great to see that the 2 of you are engaged and ready to go on this big journey together :) And here I was when asking when you both were getting engaged when I last met you 2!!!

    Really miss you both!! but really want to hear your story when I next meet you be it years to come!!! :)

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