Friday, 17 April 2015

Glad we put Detour in the Title

If you have been checking the map page recently you may have noticed that the little blue bike has not been following the proposed route lines.  This is because while in Santa Cruz talking to a Beau (a guy we met through Wyatt) we decided to change our route.  Beau had cycled, with his girlfriend Wendy, from Seattle through the Olympic Peninsula and down the Western States along the coast.  So the opposite direction than we were travelling after hitting the coast again after Sacramento. Beau said that this route is beautiful, iconic and great ride, but if he could do anywhere (like we could) and were heading inland to the Grand Canyon anyway, then why not head up towards Canada following the National Forests and National Parks in Arizona, Utah and Wyoming. Along this route we'd see Zion, be able to camp almost anywhere in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land and National Forest. Then we could head to Grand Teton's and Yellowstone.

This route up through all the amazing scenery sounded amazing but Sophie really wanted to see Yosemite and Death Valley and we both loved the idea of going to Portland. So for a couple of days we stuck to the original plan. However, we started looking at Yosemite and found out that the Tioga Pass (the road that we'd need to take to get to Yosemite Village) is closed until May. Just to be certain we contacted Yosemite to confirm via Twitter and received the response below:

So our route had to change, so our plan now is head through Utah and Wyoming to Yellowstone and other beautiful sites. Then we can either go West to Portland and up to Seattle and Vancouver, or head North in Montana and Glacier National Park.  We are happy with either and only time and more detouring will be able to answer the question.


  1. Keep on cycling...really enjoying the photo's...Mr P

    1. Really glad you are enjoying all the photos and the blog, more to come!!