Friday, 29 May 2015

Finisterre Gear Review

We have a few bits of clothing from Finisterre with us on our tour and we love them. We just wanted to write a quick review of their stuff. To begin with Finisterre are a cold water surfing company based in Cornwall, England. Although we aren't cold water surfing we think that clothes that can survive in those harsh environments can look after us on our trip.

We both have their woollen socks (Sophie has the "Last Long Original Socks" and I wear the "Last Long Ribbed Socks") - these little things are the best! When it's cold we wear them riding, they keep our toes warm in bed when we're camping and it's below zero, and they are our go to option when off the bikes and just walking around in our light weight Crocs. Despite the fact that mine must be over 2 years old they are near enough perfect (if a little grubby). Well done Finisterre, these socks are awesome!
Putting on the Last Long Original Woollen Socks
I have one of their cotton polo shirts, maybe it was called the Harlyn? This is now maybe 18 months to 2 years old and is one of my favourite T-shirts (hence being away with us) and is still in perfect nick. Again - awesome!
Wearing the Harlyn organic cotton polo shirt
We both have their merino wool Eddy base layers, these are our go to tops when we need something more than just a cycling jersey or T-shirt. Our only minor criticism here is that we'd prefer them to be slightly longer in the body, but again these are built for surfing and not cycling so we shouldn't complain. Still it's a great bit of kit and has helped save us from freezing on a couple of snowy mountain passes! Not sure how we would have coped in Utah or Washington without them.
Keeping the chill off in the desert with the Eddy Merino Base Layer
I also have the Nimbus synthetic down jacket that I asked for as a 30th birthday/leaving pressie from all my family. I love the jacket! It's brilliant, it looks great, it's warm, it is surprisingly water resistant, it packs up small and I wrap it around a stuff sack full of clothes to use it as a super-duper pillow. It is awesome after a long day in the saddle to throw on while putting up the tent and getting the camp set up. It seems to keep me the right temperature - when it's cold it seems really warm and toastie, but if its not so chilly I don't overheat and get uncomfortable.  A nice touch is the soft lining in the pockets and around the neck that is a welcome luxury at the end of the day. I went for the hooded version (there is the Cirrus that comes without the hood) and I'm really glad I did for those cold desert nights gazing at the stars or the biting, frosty mornings getting the porridge ready for breakfast.  Although it's not waterproof it's water resistance keeps rain beading off it to stop it getting damp.  This is my first insulated jacket so I can't really do a comparison but I can't seem to find any flaws with the jacket after 3 months of wearing.   
Keeping warm in the forest in the Nimbus Jacket
All of the above have survived being rolled up and stuffed into dry bags day after day after day.  Some times all (barring the Nimbus jacket) have been wet for days and just packed away and still, once washed and dried out, the clothes keep their shape and carry on keeping us warm (I keep the Nimbus from rain because even though it is water resistant to a point, I personally don't want to have my evening luxury clothing all wet, that would result in a massive disappointment after a long ride).  We've even had to resort to putting the wool socks and base layers into big tumble driers to get them dry on numerous occasions with no ill affect to the garments.  The durability of these items are fantastic and we are both so glad we decided to bring these items away.

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